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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Machen in love

We found these quotations here

“Machen did have a brief romance with Mildred B. Stearns that blossomed in the summer of 1920. He met her at Seal Harbor, where she also vacationed with her family. The major obstacle to their marriage was religion. Stearns was Unitarian … Machen corresponded with her throughout his life and visited her whenever in Boston. Members of Machen’s family say she traveled alone from Boston to Baltimore to attend Machen’s burial service at Greenmount Cemetery,”
D. Hart, Defending the Faith (P&R 2003), 130.
“There was however one real romance in his life, though unhappily it was not destined to blossom into marriage … He identified the lady by name, as a resident of Boston, and as ‘intelligent, beautiful, exquisite.’ He further stated that apparently they were utterly devoted to each other for a time, but that the devotion never developed into an engagement to be married because she was a Unitarian. [She] made a real effort to believe, but could not bring her mind and heart to the point where she could share his faith.”
N. Stonehouse, J. Gresham Machen (Banner of Truth 1987), 318.